Receivables management

Optimal realisation of guarantee management requires a multidisciplinary team

This team should not only have knowledge of substantive surety and guarantee law as well as the provisions governing orders of guarantees and lending, but should also have the ability to understand which services are owed or have actually been provided in the underlying relationship secured by the guarantee, such as a construction contract.

In-depth legal expertise as well as know how regarding construction engineering is particularly important when it comes to guarantee management during a corporate crisis.


With over 72 years of collective professional experience in the industry, we understand the complexities of guarantee management and have built a multi-disciplinary team of experts who not only have in-depth knowledge of substantive surety and guarantee law, but are also able to understand the legal background of the underlying business relationships and to assess them from a technical perspective.

Our fee is based purely on success, which means that there are no additional fixed costs.

Your guarantee risk will be reduced sustainably. The implementation of a guarantee controlling system can also significantly reduce the guarantee risk for the future.


Goals achieved

Guarantee cases

PLEASE NOTE: The guarantee manager is not interested in thwarting justified drawings of the guarantee. Rather, it is important to reduce or completely rule out the guarantee risk in the event of unjustified drawings.

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