Interim management

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Takeover of CRO, Chief Representative, external advisor to the Executive Board

Selection of orders from recent years.

  • Machine tool manufacturing, duration: 1 year restructuring + sale
  • Speciality chemical industry company (project for a large equity fund), speciality chemical industry, duration: 1 year Restructuring of 2 plants, reorganisation of production and sales, positive EBIT after project 

  • Consulting conglomerate (1,100 employees, 330 million turnover) Acquisition of further companies, liquidation of unprofitable subsidiaries up to orderly insolvency in self-administration 

  • Subsidiary Dax Group (with various foreign subsidiaries), digitalisation, duration: 1 year restructuring, realignment of sales, elimination of ‘legacy burdens’ (tax, reporting, accounting) 

  • Subsidiary of Dax Group in Eastern Europe Elimination of legacy burdens, sale/processing 

  •  Consulting conglomerate (1,500 employees, 430 million turnover) Balance sheet adjustment, restructuring/reorganisation of financing, especially in the guarantee area (domestic and foreign)

Mr Torsten Steinwachs, lawyer, and Mr Sören Quent, banker, have a combined 47 years of professional experience in the field of restructuring/reorganisation and can draw on their experience with banks and WKV/bond insurers as well as one of the Big4 auditing companies (BHF-Bank, ING-Group, Gerling, Atradius, PwC).

Among others, they handled the proceedings Enron/UK; Babcock Borsig, Holzmann, Wünsche AG (with Joop! GmbH), Eberswalder Fleischwaren, Sachsenring, Walter Bau, Flabeg Solar, Tb Tiefbau (the last East German construction company), AE-E, Solar construction company), AE-E, Solarhybrid Italia; k+w industries, Alpine Bau, Q-Cells, SP Management (projects in South Korea, Chile, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Venezuela).

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